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By connecting with other organziations that are doing great works in our community, we are able to support them financially and empower them to do what they do best!  We currently support these local organztions:

Downtown Ministries
Salvation Army
Sparrows Nest

ARK (Acts of Radical Kindness)

We are blessed to be a blessing.  With that conviction, we take what we have (resources, manpower, love and ideas) and offer them to people around us who are in need.  This takes the form of ARK projects.  This can range from landscaping a widow’s yard to building a porch for a handicapped veteran.  Through ARK, we show the love of Christ in tangible ways.

Joseph’s Pantry

Through Joseph's Pantry, our weekly food distribution ministry, we provide food to people in our community who are going through hard times.  We partnered with the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia to distribute food to people in our community.  This cooperation helped us be part of distributing food to over 400 families in our community.  This outreach is made possible by donations from members of our congregation and is run by Dream Team Members.

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